Big shoutout to @Snidely for suggesting I be the last guest for my podcast and stepping in as guest host. He came with some great questions and I really enjoyed our conversation. The video explains why this is my last episode, for now. 

If you watch my podcast you know I released a lot more episodes than usual last week. Well it was to make sure I got to my goal of 100 episodes. This was an amazing journey and I really do hope it is not over. But for now, I am playing it safe. Steady income and a few other person reasons lead me to this decision. We are at a great buying opportunity in the space and there are still things I can learn at my current job and position.

I'd love to hear some of your feedback. The space needs outlets like The Wealth Holders Podcast to let these companies tell their stories. Hope you enjoy and thanks everyone who tuned into the podcast!

Canadian Kyle