MONTREAL, May 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HPQ Silicon Inc. (“HPQ” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: HPQ) (OTCQB: HPQFF) (FRA: O08), a technology company specializing in green engineering of silica and silicon-based materials, announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Impact Funding Europe (IFE), a distinguished expert in international EU grant writing and change management.

The objective of the MOU is to leverage HPQ’s expertise in green engineering of silica and silicon-based materials and IFE’s capability of securing funding under EU programs to advance HPQ’s projects.

We are delighted that we can now include HPQ technologies in our innovation projects, like BlueTEC parcs or Collaborative Research Projects,” said Business Architect and Co-founder Olaf-Gerd Gemein. “In Europe, the available funding for Green Deal and Industry Transformation in the energy area currently exceeds 100 Billion EUR annually, and HPQ Silicon has effective technologies that could be supported under these programs.


IFE, with over 15 years of successful experience in international EU grant writing and innovation management, has been actively involved in recent funding projects such in the energy sector, energy storage, hydrogen, and other green fuels, throughout the whole value chain, from feedstock, production, storage, grid, transformation, and delivery. Their expertise and track record make them an invaluable partner for HPQ Silicon as they navigate the complex landscape of EU funding programs.

It's noteworthy that the recent inclusion of Canada as an eligible partner in EU Clean Energy grant funding projects further enhances the potential for fruitful collaboration between HPQ Silicon and IFE in securing funding for innovative projects. Leveraging IFE's grant writing expertise, HPQ Silicon aims to be involved, and build consortia for EU funding programs in these areas, maximising the impact of their joint efforts.

"We are excited to collaborate with Impact Funding Europe to unlock opportunities for securing EU funding in the fields of Green Hydrogen and New Battery Technology," said Bernard Tourillon, President, and CEO of HPQ Silicon. "This partnership underscores our commitment to driving innovation and contributing to a more sustainable future."


Below are a few upcoming grant funding programs that present a significant opportunity for collaboration between HPQ Silicon and IFE. These grants typically offer substantial funding, covering between 60% to 100% of project costs:

A) New Battery Technology:

  1. European Battery Alliance (EBA): Centred on establishing a competitive and sustainable battery manufacturing value chain in Europe, EBA presents opportunities for collaboration in battery-related projects.
  2. European Battery Innovation (EuBatIn) project: This project supports research and innovation in advanced battery technologies, fostering collaboration in the development of next-generation batteries.
  3. European Innovation Council (EIC): Providing funding and support for high-risk, high-impact innovations, EIC offers opportunities for joint projects focused on innovative battery technology solutions.
  4. European Investment Bank (EIB): Offering financing and advisory services for projects aligned with EU policy objectives, EIB provides avenues for financing innovative battery technologies and related initiatives.

B) Green Hydrogen and derivatives

  1. Horizon Europe (HE): As the EU's largest research and innovation program, Horizon Europe focuses on addressing societal challenges such as climate change and the energy transition. HPQ Silicon intends to explore funding opportunities under the "Clean Hydrogen" mission to advance renewable hydrogen technologies.
  2. Innovation Fund (IF): This fund supports large-scale demonstration projects for innovative low-carbon technologies, including hydrogen production and storage.
  3. Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Energy: Designed to support the development of European energy infrastructure, CEF Energy provides funding for hydrogen infrastructure projects among others.
  4. European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): With a focus on renewable energy and sustainable development, ERDF offers funding for various initiatives, including those related to hydrogen.
  5. Climate Contracts (CfD): Several member states offer huge grants for industry transformation. Germany alone offers 25+ Billion EUR annually, and other member states have and will follow.

The MOU with IFE, signed in early May 2024, marks a strategic alliance aimed at leveraging expertise, fostering innovation, and maximising impact through EU partnerships and funding. As HPQ Silicon continues to develop sustainable technology solutions, partnerships like these play a pivotal role in accelerating the transition towards a smarter, more sustainable world.

About Impact Funding Europe (IFE)

After more than 15 years of success in international EU grant writing and change management, we decided to put our focus and full commitment into those projects that will make a difference with regard to a world that is at the same time smart, digital, and sustainable.

We see our work inspired and driven by the United Nations' SDGs, the EU priorities (Climate Neutral & Smart Countries, Digital Market and Green Deal) and the Paris 2050 agreement.

We believe in the idea of open-source software and interoperable open data solutions:

  • Innovative, collaborative, and open data driven concepts.
  • Useful, replicable, and scalable outcomes.

For more information, please visit:

About HPQ Silicon

HPQ Silicon Inc. (TSX-V: HPQ) is a Quebec-based TSX Venture Exchange Tier 1 Industrial Issuer.

HPQ is developing, with the support of world-class technology partners PyroGenesis Canada Inc. and NOVACIUM SAS, new green processes crucial to make the critical materials needed to reach net zero emissions.

HPQ activities are centred around the following four (4) pillars:

  1. Becoming a green low-cost (Capex and Opex) manufacturer of Fumed Silica using the FUMED SILICA REACTOR, a proprietary technology owned by HPQ being developed for HPQ by PyroGenesis.

  2. Becoming a producer of silicon-based anode materials for battery applications with the assistance of NOVACIUM SAS.

  3. HPQ SILICON affiliate NOVACIUM SAS is developing a low carbon, chemical base on demand and high-pressure autonomous hydrogen production system.

  4. Becoming a zero CO2 low-cost (Capex and Opex) producer of High Purity Silicon (2N+ to 4N) using our PUREVAPTM “Quartz Reduction Reactors” (QRR), a proprietary technology owned by HPQ being developed for HPQ by PyroGenesis.

For more information, please visit HPQ Silicon web site.


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